Once upon a time a business would have one or two numbers leading callers straight to their landlines. These numbers were generally not tracked and if they were it would be very basic. The lack of tracking meant businesses were not able to trace where the caller found their number or if their marketing campaigns were generating sales.  Fast forward 10 years and call tracking is becoming a necessary tool for businesses looking to ensure all sale opportunities are seized and the highest return on investment (ROI) is met.

There are three ways for a business to interact with its customers. Email and form submissions from the businesses website, physically and via the phone. These are three ways your business has the opportunity to impress its customers. Make it count.

But why is call tracking so important you ask? Well let me explain.

Call tracking is the ideal way for businesses to analyse their digital marketing channels. You see by storing phone call data such as call length, phone number and if the call was answered, businesses can track, analyse and alter their marketing campaigns so the highest ROI is achieved.

Furthermore with the right tools businesses can generate a precise ROI as all investments can be tracked through different campaigns.

How Can Voyance Help?

Before joining Voyance many businesses are unsure of the success of their marketing campaigns. They understood at a micro level things were working but did not understand at a macro level how successful they were. Without truly knowing what channels were driving revenue, how were they expected to know what their ROI really was? Voyance implements call tracking immediately when acquiring a new client. By creating different numbers and applying those numbers to different channels, businesses are able to see exactly where their calls were coming from and what sales these channels generated. This allows businesses to establish a clear ROI.

Too often businesses are missing opportunities they are completely unaware of. Voyance ensures that all of their eligible clients have call tracking implemented. Allowing for reductions in missed calls and an increase in our clients ROI.

Upon a recent inspection Voyance discovered that some of their clients were missing 11% of calls. This could be an 11% increase in sales just by answering the phone!

To resolve this issue we implemented a contact centre. This contact centre stands in for when our clients are not able to answer the phone. Ringers will be greeted by the contact centre after so many rings and asked to provide some details and a message. These details and messages are placed into an email and sent to our clients so they can contact them at a later time. After implementing the call centre our clients have reduced their missed calls to 6%. The remaining 6% of missed calls are due to a too short ring time but are still uploaded into the CRM generating a missed call email for our clients and allowing them to follow up on the missed call. This has allowed our clients to not miss an opportunity resulting in higher sales and ROI.

As you can see call tracking is a no brainer. With numerous benefits call tracking allows businesses to ensure no opportunities are missed and generate the highest ROI possible.

Learn more about the different ways businesses can interact with its customers in our next blog