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We are excited to offer a 60 day FREE trial of our call tracking solution for all new clients, allowing you to have all the benefits of call tracking for no cost to you. Help your business improve sales efficiency and increased marketing performance with cutting edge Voice and SMS solutions.

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Our team at Voyance Insights are able to provide intelligent phone system solutions that give flexibility to small-medium businesses to improve staff efficiency and increase sales.

From simple call tracking solutions to help you understand your marketing performance to a complete call centre operation, we can provide you with a phone solution that benefits your business.

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Call Recording

Call recording is an integral part of understanding your business and most importantly your customers.

All inbound calls from the website and outbound phone calls (optional) can be recorded and stored in an easy-to-use portal. In the portal you can go back and listen to any call over the past 6 months as well as leave notes and tags for reporting purposes. This is great for understanding your business and most importantly your customers.

The recordings are stored in high quality 2 channel audio (meaning you hear the customer voice on one earphone and your staff on the other) which makes it clear and easy for you to listen and understand the conversation. We will automatically play the legal disclaimer “this recording may be recording for quality etc” whenever a user calls you. 

I can hear you thinking “What about privacy?” Not to worry, we only record incoming phone calls from Google Ads i.e. customers calling your business. Your regular personal calls remain exactly that, personal. They are not recorded.

Benefits of call recording:

  • Provide evidence on verbal agreements;
  • Improve sales and customer service performance;
  • Monitor your staff efficiency with quality control;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Gain crucial insights on your customers and what they want.


Missed Call Notifications

We provide real-time alerts if a potential lead has attempted to call you while you were busy or unable to answer the call.

As soon as the call is missed you will receive an email and an SMS with the missed call’s details and if they left a voicemail. If the user left a voicemail you will receive a link where you can listen to it immediately.

You’ll also be able to see where this call came from whether it was from Facebook, Google Ads or an email. 

With this feature you’ll never miss a lead again!

Call Tracking

Call tracking gives you a true indication of your website and marketing performance.

The call tracking system allows you to know exactly where your calls are coming from, including what keywords generated the call and which page they converted from. This helps to optimise your digital marketing campaigns (such as Google Ads or Facebook) by knowing which campaigns are generating enquiries and sales.

Our tracking system also allows you to see all other calls made by the customer, allowing you to see their full customer journey from initial contact to sale and any follow up calls.

Google Call Extension

Know how many calls are generated through your Google Ads Call Extension. By knowing how well your keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns are working, you can invest more wisely and increase the revenue generated through your Google Ads advertising.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting dashboards help to visualise important data about your business performance.

Our portal allows you to see your call reports in real time with easy-to-understand dashboards. Simply choose the report you want to visualise then choose the time range. See the graphic here -> . It is that simple.

You can choose reports from time-and-day of your calls, web attribution (i.e. calls that have come from the web) or call attribution (i.e. data from all inbound calls).

The in-depth call table shows important information about each individual call, including:

  • Which source and campaign drove the call;
  • Which page they converted from and the call duration;
  • Previous calls the customer made.
You also have the ability to leave notes on each call to help identify successes or issues with how the call was handled.

Google Analytics Integration

Push your calls straight into Google Analytics to easily understand how each channel is performing in conjunction with traffic and behaviour data. Understanding which channels convert at the highest rate allows you to adjust your marketing budgets to deliver a better return on your investment.

Track Offline/Traditional Media Campaigns

Know which campaigns are driving call traffic to your business.

Dedicated numbers for radio, print and email campaigns allows your business to gain a true indication of how they are performing. This allows your business to make smart and meaningful marketing campaigns as you know what your customer will react to.


Charlotte owns a removalist company in Carlton, Melbourne. She currently has campaigns running via radio and emails promoting her removalist company. Call tracking allows Charlotte to create two separate numbers, one to be displayed on her emails and the other on her radio ads, both numbers lead straight back to the main telephone in the office. Charlotte can see via our easy to use reporting system that her radio ads have been the most successful as they generated the most calls and sales. The following month Charlotte invests more money into her radio ads as she now knows this is how her customers are engaging with her business.

As you can see with the example above, Charlotte was able to track her offline campaigns, something she was unable to do before. By using call tracking she was able to set up different numbers but didn’t require multiple phone lines to do so. Charlotte was able to spend her marketing budget on the channels that she knows will generate her the most sales, reducing her losses and creating the best revenue possible for her business.

Outbound Calls

Help your business manage their leads and engage with customers via your call tracking numbers. Calls can be placed straight from your computer and can be recorded to review later.

The dashboard allows you to see which customers have been followed up with and which customers you still need to contact, ensuring every call is returned promptly.


John owns a real estate business based in South Yarra, Melbourne and has two junior staff working for him who regularly make calls to prospective buyers. By using call tracking John can see exactly who his junior staff are calling plus as the calls are recorded he can listen to them at a later date and make suggestions for improvement. As all calls are made with their tracking numbers, their private numbers are never exposed and the prospective buyers have one central number they can call back on.

John was able to keep track of prospective buyers via the central dashboard while ensuring his team is providing top-notch customer service, resulting in more clients and revenue for his business.

What You Hear

What Your Client Hears

Custom Pre-Call Voice Messages

Create the perfect first impression with pre-call messages for your customers!

Custom messages can be set-up to greet a customer when they call your business and could include information about opening hours, website address or a simple greeting. Custom pre-call messages (whisper message) are short messages the receiver listens to before they’re connected to the caller.

Whisper messages are a great way to ensure you receive all the information necessary to tailor your approach to the call, before it even begins. This message is only heard by the receiver and may include information as to where the call has come from and the campaign.

By having access to this information, you and your team can be prepared and convert as many leads as possible.

Custom Phone Routing Setup

Forward customer calls to your mobile number or any other phone number of your choice with Voyance’s phone routing feature.

First we set up your business with a 1800 phone number. Calls made to that number can be routed to your business landline, your mobile or any number of mobile numbers depending on your business’s needs.

On top of that, calls can be scheduled to be forwarded to different mobile numbers based on the time of the day or even by marketing campaigns.


Gary is a locksmith based in the inner city of Melbourne. Gary has hired Toby to work 2pm-10pm to cater for the after-hours callouts. For call after 6pm Gary has to act as the middleman, taking the details from the customer and relaying those to Toby.

With Voyance phone routing Gary can route all customer calls past 6pm to Toby’s mobile number and truly leave work AT work. He will no longer need to act as the middle man between his customer and Toby and can enjoy some quality family time!

Custom IVR Setup

We will set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tailored to your business. IVR is the menu at the start of the call which enables a caller to choose their destination.

E.g. Press 1 for Customer Service, Press 2 to pay an invoice, etc.

This solution is perfect for businesses with high call volumes such as educational institutions or retailers with an ecommerce capability. IVR manages the call flow to ensure customers talk to the right person or department every time.

This can save businesses from wasting hours on the phone every week.

Custom Alerts (via email or SMS)

Similar to the missed call notification, we can provide you with notifications for whatever metric or action you wish to be prompted about. Whatever smarts you want to add to your alerts, we can handle it.

These notifications can be any of the following (and more):

  • How many quotes have been provided this week.
  • How many missed calls for the day/week.
  • How many leads have been missed this month.
  • Which campaign has provided you with the most calls this month.
  • Number of conversions by team member for the week/month.

For instance, you are a Plumber working in Sydney and want a weekly notification to prompt you on how many leads you have missed for that week.

You can receive the following notification: *INSERT NOTIFICATION*

FREE Installation

This includes setting up your business with dedicated phone numbers from which all calls will be routed to your business landline or mobile.

Our team of developers will then embed the code on your website to enable the phone tracking. If your business has web developers we will send the code to them to set up.

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3!

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Step 2: Install

Provide us access to your website so we can install the code, or your developers email so we can send the code.

Step 3: Done!

You’re all set up and ready to go! We’ll send you login details to access your call recordings and reporting.

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