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In business, time is the ultimate commodity. You and your team are constantly evolving to meet the needs of your market and your customers.

Understanding and documenting what your business processes are is critical, but finding the time and resources to do it is extremely difficult. The problem is that with an operational fog of war, you:

Have critical attrition risk as departing staff takes operating knowledge with them

Have critical efficiency risk as analysis of Standard Operating Procedures are impossible

Cannot effectively deploy or utilise a CRM as the needs of your business is not properly understood

Have scale risk as any further growth of the business will include current operating inefficiencies

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Here’s how we do it:

1. Consult with your Stakeholders

Voyance will consult with your stakeholders onsite, to understand the internal processes they follow to complete all of your business objectives.

An Organisational Chart will also be investigated.

2. Map Standard Operating Procedures

Initial Draft
Voyance will take all the data gleaned from the stakeholder consults and generate individual SOP maps and departmental SOP maps.

Sanity Check
Voyance will present the maps to stakeholders to sanity check for interpretation accuracy.

Final Draft
Voyance will update the initial drafts of the SOP maps with any new learnings from the “Sanity Check” to create the locked off, ‘Final Draft’ of all SOPs.

3. SOP Analysis

Voyance will conduct Occupancy and Risk Management evaluations of the SOP Maps, and generate high level optimisation recommendations if inefficiencies are found.

Voyance will then chair an onsite workshop with leadership stakeholders to identify process redundancies and resolve them.

4. Documentation

All the learnings from the previous phases will be consolidated into a unified SOP document. This document will adhere to ISO standards and will be able to be used in support of training development, CRM selection and configuration, ramp up costings and the deployment of Key Performance Indicators across your business.

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