Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, through Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, is the most targeted way to get in front of your desired audience. By advertising to your potential clients when they are actively looking for your product or service, you can drive users to your website when they are at their most likely to convert.

At Voyance Insights our focus is on growing your business. We work with all types of businesses from small, sole operators to large enterprises in a variety of industries, turning traffic into enquiries and sales through targeted search campaigns.

We use our expertise to guide your potential clients through the journey to become a customer.

The Importance of Data

To ensure growth is possible, you need to be working with accurate data. Successfully optimising your marketing data requires conversion data that is as accurate as possible, whether that is an enquiry, a booking or an online sale.

We scrutinise all of your data to ensure that the conversion data is accurate, allowing us to optimise and grow your business through successful marketing initiatives.

Prioritise Revenue

We believe that businesses should understand what they are getting in return for their marketing dollar.

Focused Budgets

We focus your marketing budget on initiatives that generate revenue for your business.

Targeted Keywords

There's no point targeting high volume keywords as search terms if they do not convert into sales.

Case Study

Bar Fridges Australia

What We Did

Bar Fridges Australia came onboard in late 2014 in an effort to increase sales and ROI. Throughout the previous 10 years they had dealt with numerous companies for their SEO and paid marketing strategies. As a result, they had no focused strategy to deliver much needed growth to their online store.

Our marketing team at Voyance Insights instantly noticed that the Google Ads account structure was a mess, resulting in lower than average conversion rates. So the immediate thing to do was to restructure the account and streamline the efficiency of the account. This reduced keyword conflict and increased how often the ads showed, resulting in an increase in transactions and revenue. At the same time we introduce a Bing Ads account to capture an additional marketshare that was otherwise lost through only targeting Google search users.

The next phase of the account was to optimise the account to grow for revenue whilst maintaining a similar ROI. We continually looked for opportunities to grow the account through campaigns which had a high ROI yet had not reached a ceiling for growth, whilst also looking at improving campaigns that had a low ROI. We achieved this through a range of measures, including specific landing pages for campaigns, keyword analysis and user experience improvements. This resulted in the spend increasing by 60% and revenue doubling over the next few years, exceeding our goal to increase revenue whilst maintaining ROI.

As a Google Premier Partner we were able to take advantage of new features inside Google Ads in early 2018 to further grow the Shopping campaign, creating an uplift in traffic volumes through the shopping section of the Google Search Results. In 2019 we transferred these learnings into the rest of the account to continue to increase revenue whilst maintaining our increased ROI figures.


By focusing on campaigns that delivered positive ROI and removing campaigns that were not, we were able to grow the revenue and transactions generated through marketing initiatives whilst also increasing ROI. Over the course of 5 years with Bar Fridges Australia, we have almost tripled revenue through their marketing initiatives whilst also increasing their Return on Investment.

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Increase in Revenue
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Increase in Transactions
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Increase in ROI
"So then 3 years down the track we fast forward. We’ve got that spend down to $12-15,000 (per month) but the revenue has gone up to over $100,000. So monthly all of a sudden we are looking a lot better than what we were."
Cory Allen
Bar Fridges Australia

We believe that you should get a profitable return on investment when you advertise - and that your marketing agency should be able to prove it.

Otherwise, what would you be advertising for?

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