As a business owner or leader I’m sure you’ve said at one time or another that the market was “just quiet” and made a calculated guess as to why. If so, you’re not alone, and what’s interesting is that most of the time your gut instinct was correct!

A “quiet” period for your business comes in many forms; the phone isn’t ringing, your staff don’t appear busy or client numbers/revenue is down over a short period of time.

All businesses are impacted by troughs in activity, but understanding what you do and do not have control over is what can set you apart from your competitors and give you decision making power you’ve never had before.

The most important things you should first do can also be pretty simple.

When your gut tells you things are quiet, ask yourself:

  • Have you had an increase or decrease in calls from this time last year and the same 90 day window this year to last?
  • Have your recent call transcripts been flagged with a common discussion point?
  • Have you had a decrease in website submissions?

This is how you begin to tell a story and guide yourself to the right solution path for a lull your business may be experiencing.

If this information is not at your finger tips 24/7 then you need to ask yourself: am I really driving the business or is it driving me?