Want To Know If You're Wasting Money?

Voyance Insights offers free, in-depth marketing audits to help you maximise your marketing efforts.

What Audits Can Show:

We conduct a thorough review of all marketing activities to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses underlying your business. We audit all of your marketing platforms, as well as your website, to provide a comprehensive review of your marketing initiatives in order to deliver solutions that will help you achieve growth.

Wasted Spend

Restricted Growth

Conversion Issues

New Opportunities

Our marketing audits are designed so that they are not just looking to save you money on your marketing spend, but to also allow your business to grow and meet its internal goals.


Free Marketing Audits That Help Your Business

No matter what industry you are in, ensuring that your marketing is delivering results is paramount to running your business.

An effective marketing strategy and implementation should be delivering on your business goals and providing sustainable growth, however we see too many times that this is not the case. This is why Voyance Insights offers a free, no obligation audit of your marketing initiatives.

Google Ads

It’s a mistake to think that Google only cares about how much you spend when they ‘decide’ if your ad gets into the top spots for relevant Search Terms.

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Bing Ads

Bing represents 10% of potential market share and a cheap advertising option. With how tough it is to be seen and heard in the marketplace today, it’s dangerous to ignore such a big segment of potential customers.

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If you have the right kind of product or service for Facebook advertising, then you should be able to utilise that marketing channel without having to wonder what your budgets are actually generating.

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Most consumers have a path to purchase while they research what they want to buy. Can you afford to pay for advertising to them but not get the sale?

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What if you could target specific people with YouTube ads even if they haven’t seen your Google advertisements before or clicked through to your website?

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