Most consumers have a path to purchase while they research what they want to buy. Can you afford to pay for advertising to them but not get the sale?

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Voyance Insights Remarketing allows you to target prospects at different stages of the ‘buying cycle’.

Whether prospects are researching, comparing - and even when they’ve come to your eCommerce store but did not convert, we'll enable you to drive home your benefits, provide a point of difference or even offer a special on your goods or services.

Most customers aren't ready to buy straight away

But you still need to pay to advertise to them. It's far more effective to tailor your messaging to align with how much they know about you.

  • Deliver specific messaging based on prospect behaviour

    Did they enter a specific search term but not click through to your site? Perhaps they looked at one page, and then left. Continue the conversation after they've moved on.

  • Target prospects abandoning their cart

    Provide additional information on the specific product they selected, or offer a discount or similar product that might better appeal to their needs.

  • Maximise your conversion rate

    Lower your cost per acquisition by delivering razor sharp messaging to prospects searching for products just like yours.

Here’s how we would generate these kinds of results for you:

Phase 1: Audit of your digital presence and your market
to identify what’s possible

We will review your digital assets, conduct preliminary research into market share potential via online marketing channels, and consult with you regarding your current situation.

At the end of this Phase, we’ll be able to tell you what we think you can achieve with digital remarketing. If the numbers make sense, we’ll show you why. If they don’t show that you can earn a profit, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Either way, what you do next is up to you.

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Phase 2: Set up campaigns with test and learn cycle to understand CPL/CPA and ROI

In this Phase, we will work closely with you to understand what your customer path to purchase actually is. This will be the roadmap for your remarketing strategy. What kind of questions are your prospective customers asking? Your remarketing could be providing answers. What competitors are your prospects comparing you to? Your remarketing could be demonstrating your superiority in the marketplace. Why are your customers exiting your site without purchasing? Follow up messaging after they leave could be addressing the reasons why, and bringing them back to purchase.

Then we will focus on setting up new accounts for Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook, building new remarketing campaigns within those platforms and a deployment phase Review and Optimisation cycle of campaigns, search queries, cost per lead and return on ad spend.

Phase 3: Scale the model
to maximise your ROI

Once enough data has been captured for meaningful analysis, we will demonstrate to you what your market share and cost per acquisition targets should be across all digital channels, as well as any other metrics that we think are relevant in support of the best ROI for digital remarketing we think is possible for you.

With the agreed scope established, we will follow an operational optimisation cycle that is aligned with your profit targets and provide immediate oversight on all work being done via our portal. We’ll also give you monthly reporting in addition to the real-time dashboard.

We believe that you should be able to get back more money than you spend when you advertise.

And the way to do that effectively is to walk side by side with your prospects until they can make a purchase from you with confidence.

We believe that you should be able to get back more money than you spend when you advertise - and that your marketing agency should be able to prove it.

Otherwise, what would you be paying for?

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