Telco congestion is at an all time high… Are you one of the businesses missing 50% of their calls?

During normal times on average businesses miss 15% of calls from their prospective customers… During the last week we have seen days where over 50% of their calls are not connected…50 bloody percent!! 

This could be happening to you too. Do you know why?

The telcos have seen an upwards of 50% increase in call volume.

They have not (and can not) handle that load … which has led to severe congestion.

Calls are just not being received!

If you are In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in Regional Australia and have tried to make phone call the last week, you would be familiar with one of the following messages:

* The person you’re trying to call is unavailable, please leave a short 10 second message.” 


*The number you have dialled is incomplete or incorrect please check the number and try again.*

With everyone socially distancing and working from home – it is no wonder volumes are so high. All conversations that once happened face-to-face are now happening over the phone.

Who knows how many more months of poor coverage we have left.

Don’t leave yourself exposed

Take a second to think about what this means…

Yes, it’s frustrating that you need to try a few times to get through to your friend, family or colleague… but spare a thought for those in business!

Sales leakage has never been higher. We know this because we track all calls and sales to our customers.

Prospective customers are ringing wanting to do business but the calls are not being connected. You know what that means. No calls = no sales.

The numbers are crazy! Thousands of dollars of prospective business gone!

Let’s have a look at the data

To demonstrate the extent of this issue, let me show you the call data from two of our clients. Both are locksmiths. One is based in Sydney and the other is based in Melbourne.

The Sydney Locksmith –

On March 26 he received 12 calls. 6 of them were not connected. That’s 50%!

(See the circled calls below)

The Melbourne Locksmith –

On the 24th of March this client missed 11/22 calls. That’s also 50%. Unbelievable isn’t it!

Have a look for yourself.

This is a serious problem.

There is however a silver lining for these businesses – a simple solution was already in place.

The moment our client’s number is dialled and the call does not connect with them they receive a text message and/or email with the caller’s details. Even if the phone doesn’t ring they get this notification!

Within seconds they can contact their prospect or customer! This has helped our clients save thousands of dollars in otherwise lost sales.

Could you do with a solution like the above?

Give me (Joel) a call for a chat. I am self-isolating and welcome the contact: 0488 849 035