Askim is Turkish for ‘My Love’ and has certainly won over the hearts of all Voyance employees.

Found in a cardboard box on Australia Day, 13 puppies started their lives in an unfortunate way. Suffering in 40 degree heat, a local adoption centre in Wagga Wagga found the pups and took them in.

One of those puppies was Askim.

The runt of the litter and deaf with possible neurological disadvantages, Askim is certainly an interesting puppy. Super hyper, not quite getting the hang of toilet training and constantly running into objects and people make the Voyance office life quite interesting.

You’ll often find him asleep in the corner, chasing visitors down the hall or running after people as they head to the bathroom. There is never a boring day with Askim around as he provides everyone on the Voyance team with entertainment, love and morale.

Dog friendly offices are becoming more popular as the advantages of having dogs in the office are recognised. You see having a dog in the office is a fantastic way to reduce stress and tension, promote a team environment and encourage healthy living. Furthermore it allows the dog to interact with more people and prevents them from being left at home by themselves. Plus what could be more amazing than an office full of furry friends?

Askim has created many positive changes for the Voyance Office. He brings a smile to everyone’s face and ensures we go on regular walks with him outside. Stress and frustration is cured with a quick cuddle session and laughs are shared when he goes hopping down the hall. He may be an interesting pup with many unusual qualities but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How would you office benefit from the current dog friendly trend?