What if you could target specific people with YouTube ads even if they haven’t seen your Google advertisements before or clicked through to your website?

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Voyance Insights can help you display advertising videos on YouTube that resonate with customers actively searching for products and services that are relevant to your business.

Cut through the noise

YouTube advertising means you can show video adverts to people for exactly what they're looking for, whether they're actively searching for it on YouTube or not. Make your customers feel lucky they found you!

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  • You might be ready
    to start right now

    Do you have any videos about your business? Voyance can help you update them with Call to Action graphics and new URLs to get them displaying now!

  • Worried that you can't afford new videos?

    Think again. Depending upon suitability, Voyance Insights might be able to generate videos for you for no extra charge!*

  • Synchronous display

    Your videos can be displayed straight after the user has entered a targeted search query, resulting in a much better chance of that prospect acting on your message.

Here's how we do it

Phase 1: Audit of your digital presence and your marketto identify what’s possible

We will review your digital assets, any visual collateral you may already have, conduct preliminary research into market share potential via online marketing channels and consult with you regarding your current situation.

At the end of this Phase, we’ll be able to tell you what we think you can achieve with YouTube marketing. If the numbers make sense, we’ll show you why. If they don’t show that you can earn a profit, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Either way, what you do next is up to you.

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Phase 2: Set up campaigns with test and learn cycle to understand CPL/CPA and ROI

We will identify the range of search terms that people at all different stages of your product or service path to purchase may be entering into a browser - even search queries that aren’t necessarily about purchasing but indicate that a user would still be in the market for your product.

Then we will focus on setting up new accounts within Google Ads specifically for YouTube marketing. We’ll build new campaigns within that platform with the results of a negative keyword analysis, and a deployment phase Review and Optimisation cycle of campaigns, search queries, cost per lead and return on ad spend.

Phase 3: Scale the model
to maximise your ROI

Once enough data has been captured for meaningful analysis, we will demonstrate to you what your market share and cost per acquisition targets should in this digital channel, as well as any other metrics that we think are relevant in support of the best ROI for digital marketing we think is possible for you.

With the agreed scope established, we will follow an operational optimisation cycle that is aligned with your profit targets and provide immediate oversight on all work being done via our portal. We’ll also give you monthly reporting in addition to the real-time dashboard.

We believe that YouTube marketing offers a remarkable opportunity to reach new customers cheaply and effectively.

Isn’t that what digital marketing is supposed to be about?

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